The project «Ecolaboration» had just finish and with exceptional results. We want to thank all the participants and organzations that made the project possible. Seven days trying to make the world a better place to live ecologically in a creative way through different proposals and campaingns.


Pulpo de 5 PatasInoChangeIn-Planet,  Vzayemopomich


The project brought together for eight days 25 female an male participants from Spain, Georgia, Ukraine and Greece. During the exchange the participants had the chance to learn, discuss,explore and share information about environmenal issues and to take better initiatives that address their communities’ environmental needs.

The working methods during the project were based on informal and nonformal learning to enable participants to exchange their experiences, approach and reflect upon them as well as to improve their daily habits to came closer to everyday issues being more eco-friendly.
To ensure long-term impact of the project, besides learning about climate change, eco-friendly lifestyle, campaigning and etc. participants used Video Campaigning as a tool to reach wider audience and bring project results to the attention of different stakeholders.

We made eco-activities such as eco-slogans, flyers, posters, campaigns, activities encouraging ecological situations, ecological debates, etc. Watch the videos from the project



The group visited the recycling plant «Parque Tecnológico de Valdemingómez» where the people who worked there themselves and the vice-director of the recycling plant gave us information about the plant and the work done there . After that the group had free time in Madrid, where the coordinators made a tour around the city.



The main activity of the project was making an eco-campaign in Manjiron, the place where the exchange was made. The participants built a campaign by making videos, flyers and posters using the slogan: «Nature doesn’t pollute you… so why do you pollute nature?», «You choose what to follow.» We had the opportunitie to meet with the enviromental councilor of Manjiron, he told us about the situation in the town, the group made questions about future policys in the village and we gave him all the material created by the particpants while he assited us with the start of the campaign in Manjiron.



We had time to relax and have fun after the exhausting activities with the free time and the intercultural evenings.




We want to thank all the participants, their enthusiasm, their happiness and cretivity for making this possible.

The Pulpo will never forget you.


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